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Freaktory is a puzzle game in which your goal is to provide monsters to clients. The whole game takes action on the genealogy tree of a family of monsters. 

The clients have very specific requests on the appearance of the monster they want, so your goal will be to make monsters breed, and choose their dominants genes, so the new-born monster on the bottom of the tree acquires the exact caracteristics the client is looking for. Making a gene dominant will assure you to find this very same gene in the genome of their descendants. 

Beware, you only have a limited number of dominant genes to distribute in the tree for each request, and the requests of the clients are not always clear, it could be quite tricky to guess what they really need... 


To play the game you only need a mouse. -> Click on the genes boxes to make this gene a dominant one or to cancel it. -> Press the "Mutate" button to try a combination and start breeding! -> You can drag your mouse around and zoom/de-zoom with your scroll wheel for a precise observation of the tree.

Freaktory was made in under 3 days for Global Game Jam 2018, in January 2018, in Paris. It's also the very first jam game I made. :)

The Team 

  • Pierre DESNIER : Original concept, Game Design, UI Design, 2D Graphics
  • Simon LARGUIER (me) : Game Design, UI Design, 2D Graphics
  • Vincent DIOANCA-ADAM : Game Programming
  • Bastien MAUSSENET : Sound Design


Freaktory_ggj2018.7z 72 MB
Freaktory Build MacOS.7z 19 MB

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